Errands Plus, LC intends to provide these services and this list is by no means
complete. If you have a need that isn't listed here, please ask us. We will
make every effort to fulfill your needs , provided, of course, they are legal,
moral and safe for our personnel.
Errand Services
such as: Shopping for Groceries, Gifts and/or Gift
Cards...Pick-Up and Deliver Prescriptions, Flowers, Dry
Cleaning and/or Laundry...Pick-Up and Deliver Tickets for
Sporting Events and/or Special Events...Drop off and/or Mail bill
payments...Make runs to the Post Office and/or Bank...Take
your well-behaved dog or cat for their regular Vet or Groomer
visit...Take your car for Service, Repair or Detailing. You really
can be in two places at once when Errands Plus, LC is taking
care of your "To-Do" list while you take care of the things that
are most important to you.
Homebound/Elder Services
such as: Errands Plus, LC will make regular visits to check
Status, Check the Refrigerator and/or Pantry for needs and
rotate and restock the refrigerator and/or pantry per
requirements and perform any of the errand services required.
Feel comfortable knowing that the Special People in your life
are being looked after just as you would if there was "just a little
more time" in your day. Homebound and Elder services are
limited to Non-Medical services.
Vacation Services
such as: Modified house sitting...Pet feeding/care...House Plant
watering...Mail/Newspaper pick-up...Trash Can handling-Out/In
on the Proper day... Return to fresh groceries in
Refrigerator/Pantry....Go away on vacation knowing that
Errands Plus, LC will check on your property, your pets and
your house plants regularly. We'll make sure the garbage can is
put out and brought back in on the appropriate day. Your
newspapers and mail will be stacked and waiting for your return.
No need to Stop Service and Restart Service which only lets
more people know that you are not at home. We'll even make
sure that Fresh Groceries of your choosing are in the
Refrigerator and/or Pantry prior to your return so you can start
fresh the next day without having to make do with "stale bread"
and "old milk" and nothing for tomorrow's lunch box.
Business Services
Errands Plus, LC can pick-up and deliver your routine office
supplies. We'll even put them away for you, if you wish. We can
shop for your Special Events. Errands Plus, LC can supply your
gift needs by shopping, wrapping and delivering. We provide
Notification of Completion on all Courier Services and Package
pick-up and delivery. You'll know that important package was
handled professionally and in a way that your customers and
clients will appreciate. Any of the Errand Services, Gift Occasion
Services, and Wait Services listed above can be used by any
business owner, manager or their employees. Better to have
your employees on duty and on task taking care of the needs of
your customers and clients than running personal errands or
worrying about how they're going to get their "To-Do" list done.
Mobile Notary Service
Errands Plus, LC comes to you when you
need Notary Services. Fees for Notary
Services are set by Statute and travel fees
are separate and additional..
Gift Occasion Services
such as: Birthdays... Anniversaries...Special
Events. Errands Plus, LC can provide
E-Mail/Phone reminders as far in advance as
you wish and again two days before the
occasion. If you desire, we can also provide a
card and a wrapped gift per your instructions.
We'll even deliver or make arrangements for
mailing or shipping if needed.
Wait Services
Errands Plus, LC can wait for the Utility Company, the "Cable
Guy", the Furniture Delivery Person, the Appliance Repair
Technician or the Carpet Cleaners so you don't have to take a
full day or a half day off work because they can't provide a more
specific time than "Sometime between Noon and 5:00 PM."
Phone 575-650-6168
Fax 877-314-8988