Package Descriptions
You can utilize Errands Plus, LC easily and without long term
contracts or commitments. We have tried to stucture our
service plans and pricing to allow the most flexibility and
accessibility for you.
"As Needed" Service is geared for those who only need to use Errands Plus, LC
periodically. We all get into situations where, no matter how well we plan, there just isn't
any way to get everything done. You only pay as you go and there are no long term
commitments. You pay an hourly rate plus mileage plus any third party purchase made
on your behalf. There is a 1/2 hour minimum, thereafter you will be billed in 1/4 hour
increments, rounded up to the nearest 1/4 hour. Service is considered complete on
"As Needed" Service
"Block Purchase" Service
For those whose day-to-day life is packed with time stresses and regular scheduling
issues, Errands Plus, LC offers "Block Purchase" Service. This service level is designed
for those who know that they will be using Errands Plus, LC regularly to smooth some of
the "Bumps in the Road." You can purchase blocks of 5, 10, 15, 20 or more hours of
service. These blocks of service hours are paid in advance and they can be used
anytime within three months of purchase. The more service hours purchased, the
deeper the discount and the greater the savings. "Block Purchase" Service is perfect for
those times when you know in advance that you will be "Maxed Out", such as in
preparation for a wedding or for the arrival of a new baby or for a big special event at
work. There are no minimum time requirements and 10 miles per dispatch day are
included in "Block Purchase" services. You are only charged for the time needed to
complete your task(s) and any mileage less than 10 miles per dispatch day is at no
addition cost. Mileage overages, if any, are billed monthly and are due on receipt of bill.
"Block Purchase" services are considered complete on Job Ticket Acknowledgment.
Errands  Plus, LC gladly accepts Cash, Personal or
Business Checks and these Credit/Debit Cards.
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