Errands Plus, LC is the Premier Errand and Shopping Service in Las Cruces,
New Mexico. We can help in your fast paced world where there are many
demands for your time.
We are all given the same amount of time each day. None of us are "Special"
in that regard.
What separates us, is how we use the time we are given.
Family is important.
Work is important.
Commitments are important.
They're ALL important, or you wouldn't have them as part of your life.
There are many things each day that must be done;
Some important...
Some urgent...
Some Critical...
Some must be done in a timely manner...
Some just have to be done...
  But, a lot of these things DON'T HAVE TO BE DONE BY YOU!
This is where Errands Plus, LC steps in as your Personal Assistant.
Errands  Plus, LC gladly accepts Cash, Personal or
Business Checks and these Credit/Debit Cards.
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Phone 575-650-6168
Fax 877-314-8988
Phone 575-650-6168
Fax 877-314-8988